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The idea was to create something
forward thinking, fun, experimental and immersive. I wanted to create a website that was an art piece in itself, and something that set itself apart from the standard format of other record label sites. This website was built during the COVID-19 lockdown when physical record stores were closed so I wanted to create something that seemed tactile and gave that feeling of adventure when discovering a real record store for the first time.


I created graphics and used found imagery that portrayed a "Data Arts" theme with something otherworldly to give the style depth in its meaning and aesthetic layout. I placed the images and products on angles to make them more life like and less standard/web/grid. I overlaid the cassette products with their respective Bandcamp widgets which allows the user to listen or purchase.


End Product

I'm happy with the final look of the website and feel that it has the capacity to evolve alongside the Data Arts record label as it grows and changes into the future. The site was tested with members of the local music and arts community who were receptive to the look of the website and its unique functionality

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