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The Opportunity

BANH Inc. is a community organisation which operates Neighbourhood Houses on the Collingwood and North Richmond Public Housing Estates. BANH wanted a website which was easy for community to navigate, and simple for staff to update. It needed to feature information about past and future activities.


Firstly I conducted qualitative and quantitative research by consulting stakeholders and members of the community. I then looked at the websites of leading community organisations from around the world to gain an understanding of best practices in this sector. Using the information gathered I created user personas and mapped out information architecture to guide the design.


The initial research highlighted the importance of accessibility, friendliness, usability and togetherness. An easy-to-use CMS was also required to allow staff to make regular updates. I developed a clean and friendly style guide and layout and created a hero section that summarised the ethos of BANH with the slogan "Stronger community through shared experience". I also implemented a beautiful photo of the Collingwood Estate which visually portrayed this ethos.

End Product

The ideation process didn't end with the development of the website. While I was building it in Webflow new ideas such as colour styles, font, layout and information architecture arose from the client and myself. Implementing these new ideas was quick, simple and felt a normal iterative aspect of the design process. Before the site was launched, I conducted tests with users and stakeholders to ensure the design and usability was as functional as possible.

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